Tales from Baghdad

07 I would

May 1, 2011
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1. If you had found a lamp like Aladdin, what would you have asked to the genie?

2. What about if you found a lamp, here and now?

3. Suppose that you are living in a small village in the Atlas Mountains; or in a village in Senegal; or in Manhattan or Paris or London; or in a valley of Pakistan; or in Baghdad or Alexandria… Imagine yourself in the place that you prefer and try to imagine what you might need in this precise moment.

4. Now make a mental image: you are in a different era,  for example the Neolithic. Or maybe in the time of your grandparents. How do you picture your life? What would you do?

5. What are the things that you would eliminate around you, if it was possible?

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06 White or black

May 1, 2011
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1. Why the Inspector Fahad said to Americans that he had to kill the whole family?

2. A person is only good or bad, or might be a little bit of each? How is each of us made?

3. Just in a moment (a tsunami, an earthquake, a nuclear explosion…) we can lose everything. Is then everything black?

4. What is needed to have the courage of starting again after a loss or a disaster?

5. Do you think that our present is black? (we are talking about family, people of the world, the economy situation….)

6. Between black and white, are there other colors?

7. A Greek philosopher said centuries ago: “Nothing is, everything changes”. Do you agree or you think that there are things that will always remain the same?

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05 Laugh

May 1, 2011
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1. The text speaks about a typical Iraq’s joke. Do you like jokes?

2. Do you think this is a harmless joke? Why?

3. How do you live that someone makes fun on you? Do you like making fun on your colleagues?

4. Do you believe laughing is good? Why?

5. What does it make you laugh? What does it make you cry?

6. How would you like to became a clown? Is it a valued profession?

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04 Being different

May 1, 2011
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1. Aladdin falls in love with a foreign woman. Consequently, the race, the language, the culture and the religion are different. Is there a problem? Do you think this will make his life more difficult?

2. If you were Aladdin’s mother, would you accept a woman who came to your country with American troops?

3. If you were an American soldier as Susan is, would you stay in a country so different from yours?

4. Can knowing people help us to understand them better?

5. Do you think that people will get to respect ourselves even if we have different customs and cultures?

6. Do you know examples of people from different countries that had fell in love? Did this ever happened to you?

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03 The time

May 1, 2011
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1.  Is it a subjective impression or does the time really flown faster when you feel good? What about when you feel bad?

2.  Do you feel good as time goes fast? In what situations?

3.  Do you believe that time is lived the same everywhere? Then.. why some countries have a reputation for doing slowlier than others? Is it good or not?

4. Do you know what does it mean slow food ? What do you know about this philosophic movement?

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02 Jobs

May 1, 2011
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1.  Does the amanuensis job still exist?

2.  What are the jobs that you find in the tales? Which ones have already disappeared and which ones do not?

3.  Do you think that people can choose on their own the jobs they want for living?

4.  Why do you think that a person who has studied, for instance, Medicine, works sometimes as a tourist guide?

5. Why may happen that a person makes more money working as a construct worker than as a university graduate?

6.  Does your father or mother’s job had influence in your job or in the studies that you chosen?

7. Are you studying or working in something that you like?

01 Pleasures

May 1, 2011
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1. Aladdin eats a carp which smells fine. Do you believe smelling is always a pleasure? Which smells do you like?

2. Which pleasures do we have in our hands? Which one you have never had?

3. May  someone experience with the sense’s of taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch?

4. Are you able of putting yourself in the shoes of a blind person, a deaf person, a lame person? What would be like?

06 Women

May 1, 2011
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1. Do you believe that Morgana is the family’s leader? Why?

2. In you opinion, what are the places around the world where women have more rights? The US? Europe? Africa? Asia?

3. Do you think that women are battered somewhere?

4. At home, who does the usual homework: laundering, washing, shopping, making lunch, feeding the baby, cleaning, ironing? Do you think it is fair as it is organized now?

5. There are some countries where it is common that men go shopping. Is it the same at your place?

05 Foreigners

March 26, 2011
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1. Ali Baba and Morgana have to move to Jordan not to fail into the hands of the Iraqi police. In Jordan they are welcomed. How do you think we must treat people that come from abroad? How do we actually treat them?

2. Have you ever had the experience of moving to a foreign country? How have you been treated?

3. Would host a foreigner at home? Is it usual in other countries? Do you have any experience at this respect?

4. Can trust we in foreigners?

5. Do you think the difference amog cultures is an obstacle to social and cultural integration?

04 Black market

March 26, 2011
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1. The story shows an illegal trade and black market. ree or disagree that goal justifies the means to make a life? Is everything acceptable to earn money?

2. Tobacco smuggling, alcohol smuggling… Is it acceptable  smuggling to survive? In which cases?

3. Do you think tobacco smuggling and weapon smugling are the same? Why?

4. Do you know cases of illegal trade around you?

5. Do you know what black money is? Do you know the meaning of paying in black? What is undeclared work?

6. Do you think paying taxes is good? Why?

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